The Weiste-Triangle

It was my first milestone as an inventor and raised my passion for agricultural engineering

Mounting of big implements to the three-point-linkage of a tractor was hard and claimed many injured persons every year. I was 17 years old when my father developed a hook coupling for seedbed combinations. During coupling the hooks often got hooked up. For me this did not seem secure enough. Thinking about a better solution I had the idea of constructing the headstock of the implement in the form of a triangle.

In March 1964 patent application was filed for my triangular coupling, known to specialists as the Weiste-Triangle.

Moments of an invention - abstract from my book

At that time I was doing a machine fitter's apprenticeship and one Friday afternoon in February 1964 was tidying up the workshop. While tidying up, I noticed a 40mm square‐section tube lying on a 60mm U-profile, where it did not belong. “That is the solution to the connecting member,” I thought. »If one were to make the implement triangle out of an inverted U‐profile and the tractor triangle out of matching square‐section tubing, the profiles themselves would form the catcher members and positive connecting members at the same time.«


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No sooner thought than done! That very next morning I got to work and made an implement and tractor triangle with a simple telescopic top link. By Saturday afternoon I had already finished. I was able to try out my triangular coupling, proudly demonstrated it to my father – and was delighted: he was very impressed by my unusual solution – and at the same time surprised, because I had until then not told anyone about my idea ...


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