To achieve precision with an airflow distributor

This system – distributing seed evenly just by blowing a current of air through a corrugated tube – enabled the development of totally new sowing methods. It was introduced 1966 with prototypes. Fluid engineering had to be discovered as new ground for the development of pneumatic distribution systems: Initially the thresholds of the 2-phase-stream with conveying seeds and granulated fertilizer. But also the problem, how the distribution accuracy could be optimised for different seeds, seed rates, working width and number of coulters.

Moments of an invention - abstract from my book

However, the decisive idea for how to improve distribution by means of an air stream came to me when on a walk I observed water eddies over stones in a brook: »You have to whirl the grains!«


The following day I conducted an experiment for this. I flattened the round delivery pipe on opposite sides in a vice so that the grain flow would be guided to the centre twice. (..) With this we achieved a distributing accuracy of between ± 10% and 15%. Whirling was apparently the right way. It should perhaps be preciser and function evenly over the whole circumference of the pipe.

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The success of the pneumatic sowing technology can also be referred to the constructive cooperation with user companies in Europe und Overseas. Know-how exchange and creativity on both sides created the variety of specific sowing combinations which can be offered to today`s farmer.

"Air seeding has taken the world by storm and is really one of the few major advances that have been made, changed an industry."

Terry Friggstad, design engineer of Air Seeders and first user in Canada.


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