The way to worldwide application

Today the greater part of the world’s cereal‐growing land is sown pneumatically – almost 100% in Australia, up to 80% in North America and more than 50% on Europe’s large farms.

This Air-Seeding-Technology was a quantum leap for the efficient cultivation of large areas of cereal-growing land in Australia und America. As a result, working time and energy input were reduced by more than 60% and at the same time the erosion of soil by wind and water prevented.

In 1971 Connor Shea, Australia, built the world`s first Air Seeder using ACCORD PNEUMATIC-components. In otherwise so progressive America, on the other hand, Air Seeders were not used until the beginning of the 1980’s – and then only after intensive further development for conservation farming.

Users of the ACCORD PNEUMATIC-System

In North America:

Bourgault, John Deere, CNH (Flexi‐Coil), Seed Hawk, Morris, Seed Master, Ezee‐On, Great Plains, Harmon, Horsch‐Anderson, Salford.


In Europe:

Aguirre, Amazone, Great Plains (Simba), Gregoire Besson, Horsch, John Deere, Kongskilde, Kuhn, Kverneland, Lemken, Maschio, Mistral, Pöttinger, Rauch, Sola, Sulky Burel, Unia, Väderstad, Vogel & Noot.


All these companies, except Morris, utilise the principle of the ACCORD PNEUMATIC-distributor.

Because of the smaller‐scale agriculture in Europe very few 5m‐ to 7m‐wide pneumatic seed drills of the first generation were sold. The 1970’s were a crucial test for ACCORD – including financially. It was only the new‐style modular DL‐seed drills of the second generation that brought about the breakthrough in the market in the 1980’s. The modular system meant that many different types of seed drills could be offered in combination with soil‐working implements. ACCORD became market leader in pneumatic sowing technology.


The opening up of the huge new markets in Ukraine and Russia, from the Black Sea to West Siberia brought big challenges for our distribution operation in the 1990`s.This was one reason to look for a collaboration on distribution. In 1996 ACCORD joined the Kverneland Group.


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