My Story

How from an idea a seeding technology evolved, with which today the greater part of the world`s cereal-growing land is sown!

My life would probably have followed the same course as that of most other farmers’ sons, if it had not been for a few inventions – first my father's, and later my own. Ahead of all the ACCORD PNEUMATIC-System. It was certainly as significant a revolution in sowing technology as the combine harvester was in harvesting technology.

My father involved me in the development of a new seed drill very early on. So I was able to help shape essential elements of the system. However, the development came onto the market too early. Serious complaints were the result. They called the reliability of the ACCORD PNEUMATIC‐System into question. Here the fascinating story begins - about many trials, failures and troubleshootings.


I am reporting about the development of the pneumatic-sowing-system and the diversity of its applications, as well as about trouble and risks for our family enterprise with the marketing. Those who take an interest in this fund of experience will find an extensive documentation in my book, which can be purchased directly from me. Please send an e-mail.


Helmut Weiste


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